Letter: New solutions

I have a solution to the on-going Chief debate. Because it is offensive to everyone, we should re-evaluate Native American culture and use something that seems to fit with their ideals. That is why I propose we change our name to the Illinois Blackjacks, in honor of the noble tradition of gambling on reservations. Nothing can better represent the courage, bravery and loyalty quite like someone running to the 50-yard line with a trail of poker chips and playing cards falling behind him.

If the first solution doesn’t work, then I say we go for the “nuclear option.” Instead of getting rid of offensive and hostile mascots that are Native American, how about we get rid of all mascots that can be deemed offensive? Here are a list of names that can be deemed offensive and the party they might offend: Albion Britons (British), Austin Peay State Governors (Anti-government), Bethany Swedes (Swedish), Cal-Santa Barbara Gauchos (Hispanics), or Vassar Brewers (Alcoholics).

Getting rid of mascots like this are just plain ridiculous. Instead, people should start looking towards their mascots/symbols for positive images. I am willing to concede such mascots as the Savages. Names like that are not beneficial to the general populace.

Steven Carter

university alumnus