Letter: Need for sensitivity

I wanted to write to tell you that I was absolutely appalled by your article about the death of Sarah Channick that ran on Friday. First of all, and least importantly, there was an error in your article. The intersection at Sixth and Chalmers is not a 4-way stop, but rather a 2-way stop. But as I stated, this is the least important matter at hand.

For one, I feel that the quotation you have in the article is inappropriate. This is something that her parents, friends and family will be reading. The comment “legs were hanging out under the bus and it was nauseating” is not only badly chosen, but completely insensitive. The last thing mourning friends need to read about are the gruesome details of her death. This is a tragic matter and a serious topic involving the MTD bus company. I think some more compassion should be shown towards the issue.

Next, I feel that the comments made after the phone interview statements were uncalled for. It was completely unnecessary to point out her family sobbing and sorority sisters weeping in the background. Again, people close to Sarah will be reading this article and to point out that others are grieving was tactless. This is something that everyone, whether they know her or not, will already be aware of and definitely does not need to be explicitly stated.

This is a great loss that her friends, family and entire Panhellenic community have suffered. I hope that there is never another situation anything like this that would need to be written about. But if for some unfortunate reason there is, I sincerely hope that your articles will be written with a lot more tact and sensitivity.

Niki Mitch

senior in LAS