Letter: No just cause

It is disgraceful that as serious an event as the merging of two college departments can go unnoticed by the general University population, not to mention the greater public. The worst part is that the situation is highly political in nature as opposed to being based on reality.

Interim Dean Ilesanmi Adesida has proposed to merge the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics with the Mechanical Engineering department to increase our “ranking.” The University is here to educate students, not to try to win some ridiculous popularity contest. His recent proposal is fraught with opinion and falsehood. The differences between the departments are fundamental and distinct. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics on the one hand, pursues the discovery and understanding of the fundamental mechanical behavior of materials at a deep level, while Mechanical Engineering concentrates on the use of mechanical principles toward a technological end. One discovers and the other uses. Any thoughtful person can see the difference between the two.

There has been no detailed study re-examining the merits of this proposed merger. It is not necessary since a study was conducted previously for another merger proposal. The merger was defeated. What is more likely than a superior product of the merger is that the Engineering Mechanics degree program will cease to exist. There is no factual basis for merging, only biased and dubiously motivated opinion. I’m sure all of you know what opinions are like.

I can only hope that the Faculty board and the Senate have the wisdom to see past the politics and reject this outrageous abuse of administrative authority.

Darrin Shrout

senior in Engineering