Letters: Remembering Jennifer

As an everyday reader of the Daily Illini, I was disgusted to see the lack of coverage that the death of Jennifer Britton received.

Jennifer was a fourth-year student in LAS who died in a car accident on Oct. 23 driving back to Champaign from Chicago on I-57. This accident not only involved her, but it also involved two other UIUC seniors. It took the DI four days to print a story on Jennifer’s death (only after a memorial was held in Greg Hall on Oct. 26). On top of that, the article was just a fact-based run down of what happened Sunday night, and a brief recap of the memorial itself. It did not even begin to discuss who Jennifer was as a person.

Furthering the frustration, the DI combined the long-awaited article with another story about drunk driving related deaths (which confused many readers about the circumstances of the accident). Every day I checked to see when the DI would mention her death. Instead, I saw the DI report much more important stories such as the restaurant “Noodles & Co.” opening on campus and whether or not Ms. Seventeen could come from this university.

How do you ignore someone’s death and report these trivial stories? The coverage of other students’ deaths has been extensive. Jennifer’s death barely received its own article. The accident was even covered in several other newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune. As a close friend of Jen I had to constantly inform people of her death and I should not have had to. They would have known if they saw it in the paper. My friends and I had to serve as the news bearers instead of the DI, making her death even harder for us. There is no excuse for this blatant disregard for her life.

Kenyatta Beverly

senior in LAS