Letters: Merry Christmas at risk

Todd Swiss’s article “The real Grinch” epitomizes poor journalistic integrity and typifies the secular progressive movement. I understand that Mr. Swiss is an opinions page writer, but stating something as fact without evidence doesn’t really make it a fact. Swiss’s assertion that O’Reilly, Falwell and “their hordes of fanatics” are “planning boycotts” against stores who chose to replace “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” is devoid of any evidence. Perhaps some people are planning boycotts, but I didn’t see any quotes to back it up. Swiss’s accusation that O’Reilly suggested that saying “Happy Holidays” offended Christians was also lacking any evidence. I just hope Mr. Swiss isn’t getting his information from far-left Web sites, but he could always get a job with the New York Times.

Swiss’s argument that stores don’t have a responsibility to say “Merry Christmas” is valid, but why are they all of a sudden changing their tune? What is the difference between now and thirty years ago when stores said “Merry Christmas” and nobody thought twice about it? The difference now is stores are afraid of being attacked by secular progressives, such as the ACLU and George Soros. I thought this was a country for freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. And since when did someone have to be religious to celebrate Christmas? Christmas is a part of our heritage; it is a national holiday. I have many friends who are not religious, but who still celebrate Christmas. Am I the only one who thinks political correctness is hurting our country? Do you, the reader, really think that “Christian conservatives are trying to ruin the holidays” this year? I’m Christian and conservative. I just want people to be able to say “Merry Christmas” in public without fear of others being “offended.” Is that too much to ask?

Tyler Friederich

Junior in Business