Letters: In poor taste

The slogan on this week’s College Democrats’ Officer Bar Crawl T-shirts has struck a nerve with many of the members of our organization, men and women alike. The slogan of “Donkey Punching our way to Victory” uses a sexually offensive and gender-degrading phrase to poorly show the College Democrats’ political wit.

The Republican Party has been wrongly portrayed as a party supported by a male voter base with a disregard for women’s rights. This stems from poor media representation, concentration on a single issue (abortion), and the fallacies of arguments from other, minor, conservative organizations.

The women in College Republicans and the women serving on our newly elected officer team would not stand for such blatant disregard for the integrity and influence of women in our organization. I can only imagine the frustration that this would cause amongst women in elected positions representing both the Republican and Democratic parties who have worked as hard, or harder, than other elected officials to achieve their respective positions.

The College Republicans encourage conservatives and liberals alike to express their distaste in the Democratic leadership on this campus. We remind the campus community that the College Republicans respect the women of our community and offer a representative environment in which all issues can be expressed.

We remain committed to the rights of all individuals and are always open to listening to all opinions on each side of every issue.

Jake Vial

President, College Republicans