Letters: Democrat speaks out

Sexual abuse and rape are not funny. Apparently the officers of the College Democrats feel differently. In fact, rather than taking a stand against the disproportional incidence of violence against women on college campuses, they have chosen to advertise a bar crawl with t-shirts that read, “Donkey Punching Our Way to Victory.” A man performs a donkey punch by striking his partner in the back of the head while penetrating his partner from behind. His goal is to startle his partner that will cause anal or vaginal contractions, thus improving the assailant’s sexual experience. The sexually explicit term is not only considered sexual abuse when performed, in some instances it can be considered rape. Designed to humiliate women with violence, this misogynistic glorification of sexual subordination should offend not only women but all people. That members of a party committed to women’s rights and gender equity would make a joke out of this immoral and criminal behavior is reprehensible. The daily battles young democrats wage against social conservatism cannot be won when campus liberal leaders confuse humor with sexual crime.

Amanda Palazzo

Democrat, junior in ACES