Letters to the Editor

Bad TV

During break, I had some spare time in the afternoon so I turned on the Alito confirmation because Judge Judy was over. It was terrible television. From what I saw, Alito was a modest, intelligent, and honest man who received stellar recommendations from his colleagues, judicial scholars and the American Bar Association. Unfortunately, in front of the television camera, some Democratic senators tried to make the judicial hearing, a modern political invention, into bad daytime drama. They flung frivolous accusations of unethical behavior at the respected judge, all of which were found to be extremely tenuous.

Sen. Kennedy brashly accused Alito of being a bigot, sexist and elitist by his supposed membership to a Princeton alumni club which Alito joined because he was concerned about the university ROTC program. These supercilious accusations were too much for Mrs. Alito and later made her shed tears. After the Library of Congress was rummaged into the wee night hours for anything that would link the judge to the group, Kennedy’s accusations were debunked.

Sen. Biden had a flare for the cameras and himself. He just had to get it out there that his daughter went to the University of Pennsylvania and was too good for Princeton. The whole idea of a hearing is becoming ridiculous. Senators pressure the nominee to answer some questions they ethically cannot. In the name of judicial independence, nominees cannot make political promises to senators in order to be confirmed, so it is futile to ask hundreds of times how the nominee would rule in a potential case. Just like Republicans voted overwhelmingly for President Clinton’s nominees, Justice Ginsberg and Beyer, Democrats should acknowledge and support the President’s duty to nominate a qualified nominee of his choosing and leave daytime TV drama to the networks.

Frank Calabrese

member, College Republicans