Letter: Evolution, music and politics

In response to Brian Mellen’s Thoughts from an American Idiot:

While I agree with Brian Mellen’s assertion that consumers must not shape their political opinions on what’s currently playing on the Top 40, I disagree with his belief that groups such as Green Day “should stay true to themselves” and continue to churn out “fun punk” music. Who is to say that an artist or band cannot evolve into something new? To limit the artist is to limit art. Granted, I would not consider Green Day to be one of the premier musical groups of the last two decades, but they are to be commended for having always written their own music (unlike many Top 40 artists today, Pink included).

It is also important to remember that “anti-Bush” musicians aren’t the only ones benefiting from politically charged music. Have you forgotten Darryl Worley’s classic “Have you forgotten?”

The music industry has their own agenda and popular music will probably always be full of cheap hooks and trite lyrics. We should all take that music for what it is, whether it’s political or not, and turn up our guerrilla radios for the good stuff.

Michael Widener

Junior in LAS