Letter: Mortgages never go on holiday

Many students may not be aware that the State of Illinois in recent years has stolen millions of dollars from state employees, including University of Illinois employees, through a so-called “pension holiday”.

The “holiday” celebration was for fat cats in the upper levels of state government and just the opposite for workers that keep the state going. The State simply did not pay its bill, did not pay what it was obligated to pay thousands of UI and other state workers. Now it appears the State will never be able to pay that money back.

Unfortunately, these employees can’t declare such a “holiday” when its time to pay their bills.

Now on top of this, as campus unions begin contract negotiations, they are facing a hostile administration that refuses to offer affordable health benefits, wage increases that keep up with inflation or basic recognition to some or all its workers. This includes graduate instructors, janitors, library workers, stage hands at Krannert and others you might have assumed had it pretty easy. They don’t.

That’s why you will see workers demonstrating on campus, increasing disruptions and possibly worse. All these workers want is what they earn by working to keep this University what it is, without some well-paid administrator sticking his hand in their pockets all the time.

Support the campus unions. And let the administration know you do.

Ricky Baldwin

Urbana resident