Letter: The truth about testing

As a heterosexual male, were I to write an article about HIV and candidly talk about my sex life I would be seen as a chauvinistic and unprofessional lout. If any heterosexual female would have done the same, names such as slut and whore would have been thrown at her. However, Brian Pierce seems to think he can do just that. Anyone who would dare disagree with his methods would most assuredly have a spear of tolerance jabbed into their side.

Furthermore, he uses unprofessional techniques that throw an extremely facetious light on what should be a very serious matter. According to the CDC, anyone who has been possibly exposed should get tested for HIV every six months. Brian Pierce makes it seem as if a person should only get tested for this potentially deadly virus if someone asks. In only the second week of school, Pierce has set a precedent for making light of very serious issues and being brazenly unprofessional.

Justin Stanley

junior in ACES