Letter: The truth about feminists and breasts

While on one hand I applaud Mr. Bambenek’s attempt to support the La Leche League and breast-feeding in general, on the other hand, his editorial is fraught with mistakes. He claims that Sex and the City feminism “cannot coexist” with breast-feeding, but breast-feeding was actually a topic on the show, as Miranda attempts to breast-feed as a single working mother.

He also claims that feminism is the source of a general resistance to breast-feeding, but conflates radical feminism with “Sex in the City Feminism” (whatever that is) and feminism in general. While there may have been a portion of second wave feminism that revolted against the role of the mother or the housewife, feminism as a theory and a political movement isn’t reducible to that single issue.

As a feminist and a mother, let me assure Mr. Bambenek that the two practices can coexist.

Lisa Dunick

Graduate Student