On the Quad: Five years after the 9/11 attacks, what do you think poses the greatest threat to this country?

By Brian Pierce

“Crocodiles, now that Steve Irwin isn’t around to protect us.”

-Sophie Doroba

Junior in LAS

“Individuals trying to pursue their ideological beliefs forcibly around the world.”

-Chime Asonye

Junior in LAS

“The draft, because so many of our young men and women are going to war.”

-Elaine Compton

Freshman in ACES

“The liberal media, because in a state of war, we shouldn’t be bashing the President all the time.”

-Erin Jones

Junior in LAS

“Apathy about issues that have been raised but haven’t really hit home with the American people yet.”

-Julianne Chiu

Junior in Communications

“Ignorance. For example, racial profiling tries to single out Muslims but really they’re just singling out Middle Eastern culture.”

-Dev Sethi

Senior in LAS

“The fact that we’re still living in fear five years later. Things haven’t been solved.”

-Priya Kumar

Junior in LAS

“The lack of people who are selfless in providing health care in a more humane and less business-like manner.”

-Alka Gupta

Senior in LAS

“The danger of becoming too paranoid and too self-concerned.”

-Jenny Mitchell

Senior in LAS

“That we’re not united as a country on how to deal with problems. It makes us weaker as a nation.”

-Shuchi Kapoor

Junior in LAS