LETTER: Bigotry on Campus

By Joseph Lamberson

One reason that makes University of Illinois- Urbana/Champaign a great campus is its tolerance towards the diversity of ideas and people of different ethnicities. On the quad, one will see people of common interests getting together, engaging in casual or academic discussions, or even playing Frisbee. I was on the Quad last Friday, and in the midst of the soothing chants of “Hare Krishna” and friendly hollers of a student who wishes people around him a nice Friday, there was a minister who was spreading hatred and hostility towards homosexuals.

I am by no means saying that his opinions are wrong, for I am not an expert on the Bible. Nor am I denying his rights to freedom of speech on campus. I am, however, extremely disturbed by the way he voiced his opinions. He could choose to promote a healthy discussion on homosexuality in Christianity, but he did not. Instead, he chose to degrade homosexuals and deny them a place in religion.

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Freedom of speech is what makes America such a great country, but I also believe that it should be within acceptable bounds, so that our opinions do not disrespect the choices of other people. The minister was not within the bounds. Just as we do not tell a person of a different race to go to hell, I would expect the same level of respect shown to the LGBT community. Let us all spread love and not hatred. The last thing we want to happen is another Matthew Shepard incident.

Kwokmun Lee

Senior in LAS