Letter: Recyling must be a C(h)ampaign issue

On Aug. 22 the Daily Illini featured an interview with a local city council person that mentioned the importance of recycling for student tenants in Champaign. As a renter in Champaign for two years, I think it is extremely important that action is taken to provide recycling services for tenants in Champaign.

Currently, Champaign tenants have no choice but to throw out items that could be recycled into the garbage. This is extremely wasteful, especially with all the plastics, papers, and aluminum cans college students use. I have been following this issue since earlier in the year when the DI did a story about a bill introduced by State Representative Naomi Jakobsson to expand recycling among tenants statewide. The bill would give landlords an incentive to service their tenants with recycling collection.

It is embarrassing that a progressive city such as Champaign does not have some sort of recycling program for apartment tenants. As someone who thinks it is important to protect the environment for future generations, I look forward to efforts by Jakobsson and the City of Champaign to increase accessibility to recycling services.

Andy Munemoto

Senior in LAS