Correction: Midnight Madness

The Editorial Board of the Daily Illini would like to apologize for the errors printed in Wednesday’s editorial on the release of Midnight Madness tickets.

The editorial published stated, “Tickets to this year’s Illinois Basketball Madness event sold fast.” This statement is incorrect because the tickets were given away for free to increase attendance. Also, at the time of publication, the tickets were not sold out. Roughly 500 tickets remain, as of 4:45 Wednesday evening, free for anyone to obtain.

Wednesday’s editorial also made the claim that none of the tickets were reserved for students. However, the Orange Krush group was contacted prior to the ticket release and asked for the number of tickets they would need. In addition, a press release was made to inform students of the ticket availability, and persons who had purchased sports tickets in the past were also informed through e-mail.

The Daily Illini Editorial Board regrets these errors.