Letter: Basketball madness

Certainly you will be inundated with responses concerning your staff editorial, “Students missing out on Madness tickets”. You should be, anyway.

The advertising for the ticket giveaway was pervasive enough to make it into my ears, and I was definitely not keeping them tuned for it. Maybe I’m mistaken, but my perception was that any person whatsoever could walk into the ticket office and pick up one to six general admission tickets. Perhaps there was some premium reserved seating that I’m unaware of, but I somehow doubt it, given the nature of the event. I seem to recall a radio spot the following day saying there were “plenty of tickets remaining” or some such thing. I personally didn’t pick up tickets until nearly 5pm the first day, so there was certainly no mad rush or any such thing.

Should some tickets have been reserved for the students? Why? As best as I can tell, there were none reserved for anyone, and demand barely created a “sell out.”

I love this basketball team and plan to see as many games as possible this year. If students felt the same way, wouldn’t they have headed over and simply requested tickets?

Darren M. King

University alumni