Letter: How to get recycling

Regarding Andy Munemoto’s letter on recycling in Champaign, students do not have “no choice but to throw out items that could be recycled.” The city also provides a 24-hour, 7 days a week free recycling drop-off site, located at 1701 Hagan Dr. I realize that some students may not have the resources to haul their own recycling, but to suggest that the inactions of the city lead one to throw away recyclable material is a misleading statement.

Currently, single unit dwellings and buildings with four or fewer apartments can recycle through their waste hauler. I agree that recycling services should be offered to residents of more than 4 units, but doubt whether a statewide incentive program is the easiest solution. Why not petition the City Council to expand the required waste hauler program to larger complexes or require the apartment owners to contribute to a city-run pickup program as in other cities?

Ben Johnson

University employee