LETTER: Indifference will work

By Adam Henrichs

Some extremely radical so-called Christians preached on the quad a little while ago. The entire campus, from left to right politically, from weekly churchgoers to vehement atheists, pretty much all thought these people were ridiculous. My question: Why the big fuss? Some drunk guy started shouting at me on Green St. last weekend and that didn’t make the front page of the DI.

In short, the crazy people on the quad won. The point that misses far too many people is that they want people to get all upset about them. That’s what they do. This allows them to sit back from afar telling each other that we all “just don’t get it.” The proper response to these sort of people is indifference. However, I hope they don’t go away anytime soon, because they are quite entertaining.

Adam Henrichs

Urbana Resident