Lincoln Hall must stay

To tear down Lincoln Hall, as your editor suggests in “Lincoln Hall: To Renovate or To Completely Rebuild,” would cost this campus more than the financial costs of renovation.

The author cites “honor(ing) Lincoln’s noble legacy” as reason to tear down Lincoln Hall. But what about the legacy of the University of Illinois? Lincoln Hall does not solely serve the purpose of honoring a former president, but also honors each and every student who has walked through its doors. It is a testament to the legacy and spirit of tradition of this University. Students can walk down the halls alumni, such as Dee Brown and Hugh Hefner, also walked down. This building helps to connect students to the past, while preparing them for the future.

Furthermore, our campus already has new buildings for a “new generation.” Down just about every street on campus there are new buildings being built.

We must respect and remember the generations of the past. A real “disgrace” to this University would be tearing down Lincoln Hall, and along with it, the building blocks that those who came before us have laid.

Meghan Karhliker

Senior in LAS