LETTER: Irish Illini misrepresented

We were shocked to see the bias displayed in the article about the Irish Illini in the DI on Thursday. The probation of the RSO was supposed to be until the beginning of the fall semester, Aug. 23, not “before Quad Day” – this punishment was on purpose to prevent the group from participating in Quad Day – suitable, considering that they were blatantly not following the rules of being a University RSO.

As for Patrick Boyle’s claim that the “University wasn’t very efficient” about reinstating the RSO, Brooks Moore met with him the first week of class to go over the mission of the organization. It then took 2 weeks later (Sept. 8) for the RSO to turn in their non-discrimination form, something that is required of every group at the beginning of the school year if they want to remain an RSO on campus. The form got approved on the next business day.

The article made it seem as though the Irish Illini only just now got registered; in fact they have been for the last 2 weeks.

Not only was the situation misrepresented in the article, but Brooks Moore is not the assistant director of Registered Student Organizations. He was formerly the director of Registered Student Organizations and was recently promoted to the position of assistant director of the Illini Union – the position of assistant director of RSOs doesn’t even exist! Both of us work with Brooks, in the RSO office, and he is amazing at what he does. We are lucky to have him at our university.

Jenny Mitchell

Senior in LAS

Sydney Seguino

Senior in ACES