LETTER: DeRosa’s article on PETA

First of all, let me thank you (DeRosa) for telling me about this unnecessary animal cruelty going on at Six Flags because you just saved me $50; I won’t be giving them my money.

Next, I strongly disagree with your opinion about the PETA protest of Six Flags. PETA (and other animal rights supporters) believe in humane treatment of all animals, including cockroaches. This blatant disregard for the humane treatment of animals is teaching children and adults insensitivity to animals. It is the difference between harming an animal just because you can, think that its funny, etc, and protecting yourself, your health, and your property, as in your example of getting an exterminator to come in and kill the roaches in your apartment.

Also to your quote of “They are cockroaches, and we really didn’t see anyone mourning them once they were gone,” most PETA members and animal rights supporters don’t believe that animals should be treated humanely because we like them or because they have value to us. They should be treated humanely because we should have respect for all beings.

Lastly, in response to your idea that PETA doesn’t care if people starve so animals are not eaten, if the production of animals for food ceased, there would actually be less starving people in the world.

Producing meat is an incredibly inefficient process, using nearly seven pounds of corn and/or soy to produce just one pound of pork. A lot more people could eat 7 pounds of corn and/or soy than could eat one pound of cholesterol-laden, resource-wasting, air and water-polluting pound of carcass.

Please be more respectful to those organizations and people who are trying to promote kindness in the world to all living beings.

Kelly LaToza

Sophomore in ACES