LETTER: ISS not for Global Campus

The Daily Illini’s article entitled “Student Senate passes Global Campus resolution” was misguided. Contrary to what is stated, last Wednesday’s resolution was not in support of President White’s Global Campus initiative. Rather, the resolution requests the University administration halt further development of the Global Campus to allow for further discussion by the senate bodies of each campus. As stated in the resolution, the ISS feels President White has not followed proper procedure for establishment of a university campus as directed by the University statute. This statute requires the President submit a proposal with the advice of the University Senates Conference for approval by the Board of Trustees. However, the President has neglected to consult the USC regarding the formation of the Global Campus thus bypassing a critical step in the approval process.

Although I cannot claim to represent the views of everyone on the ISS, it is my opinion that a significant portion of senators are dissatisfied with the current form of the Global Campus’ “Final Report.” Also, from my own observation, it seems a majority of students are concerned about the effect a comprehensive online degree program will have on the University. I believe it is fair to say that the ISS is acting in the interest of the student body by opposing the Global Campus’ “Final Report” as it currently stands.

Lyle Shipton

Graduate Student