LETTER: Faith and respect in Illinois football

This is in response to the letter written by Craig Noble in the Oct. 2 issue of the Daily Illini titled “Have a little faith in Illinois football.” Mr. Noble expresses the pride that he feels for the players and coaches of Illini football program after their win against Michigan State Saturday.

I agree. The team that played Michigan State on Saturday was one to be admired and respected; giving the football fans here in Champaign something to smile about after more than four years of frowns.

Then the game ended and I could not have been more humiliated. While our success on the field showed how far we have come, the actions of a few players after the game showed how much farther we have to go. I was more ashamed Saturday than I was the past four years here combined.

The football team is an embarrassment to our school and the community here in Champaign. They acted immature and arrogant and once again, proved us to be the laughingstock of the Big Ten.

Charlie Whitmer

Junior in LAS