LETTER: A third choice for Illinois

Illinoisans have confusing choices for the upcoming gubernatorial election. Mr. Blagojevich and Ms. Topinka have been savaging the airwaves with repeated negative advertising, attempting to tear each other down with accusations of scandal and mismanagement. It was sad that the late debate did not include the Green Party candidate Rich Whitney. His inclusion might have forced their dialog away from the embarrassing recriminations that they resorted to.

If the citizens of Illinois could have the opportunity to hear Mr. Whitney speak to outline his positions, they would find he is an eloquent speaker whose ideas on governing reveal high principles. Mr. Whitney wants an opportunity to use sensible governing practice to bring the financial profile of the state of Illinois back into fiscal responsibility. If Illinois could resolve its financial woes, it could adequately fund all levels of education, serve its citizens with a universal health care system, make timely Medicaid payments to health care providers and provide solvent pensions for workers.

There are rumors about another gubernatorial debate to be planned in Southern Illinois. I hope it happens, and that Mr. Whitney will be invited. But even if we don’t get an opportunity to hear him weigh in against the governor and the treasurer in a debate, Illinoisans do have a venue in which they can learn the details of Whitney’s positions. His website, www.whitneyforgov.org, outlines all his positions on governing. I must say that Mr. Whitney writes just as well and as lucidly as he speaks.

Timothy S. Bowers

Murphysboro, IL