On the Quad: What is the biggest election issue for you?

By Jack McMillin

“The biggest issue in this election is the erosion of the middle class and growing gulf between rich and poor, both in this nation and worldwide.

Dave Morris

Graduate student

“The most important issue is finding alternative sources of fuel because of the rising gas prices and the environment.

Karen Berman

Junior in Education

“The most important issue in the 2006 election is the war because I think it’s been going on way too long and it doesn’t seem like much has changed really.

Abby Wong

Senior in LAS

“I think as an international student, the Iraq issue is the most important issue, because the United States is a big power and we are very interested in that issue.

Takahiro Suzuki

Graduate student

“I care about health care, and making it a more national plan.

Jeannette Krubel

Sophomore in AHS

“Tuition control, trying to cap that, or doing something to make it affordable for families to send their kid to a state school, especially.

Douglas Parter

Senior in LAS

“I think an important issue is global warming, just because I think people need to realize that it actually is an issue and isn’t something that people are making up.

Colleen Loggins

Sophomore in Communications

“I would say a big issue is social welfare. I’ve been learning more about it lately and I realize that only 1 percent of our national budget is geared towards it.

Brenna Tomasello

Sophomore in LAS

Compiled by Jack McMillin