On the Quad: What do you think should be done about the nuclear tests in North Korea?

“We should definitely pay more attention to the U.N.. We’re paying too much attention to Iraq and not enough attention to North Korea. And Iraq never had any [weapons] to point out.

Rocio Rodriguez

Junior in Business

“As far as nuclear weapons, I think the U.S. has to evaluate their own history first before they start addressing other people. Aren’t we the only ones who have ever used a nuclear weapon?

Saba Ahmad

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    Senior in LAS

    “I think North Korea should disarm their nuclear arsenal and that the U.S. should first try all diplomatic possibilities, and if that does not work then possibly take a military course.

    Frank Lukes

    Freshman, General Curriculum

    “What the U.S. should do is get more involved with the U.N. and have the U.N. go in and deal with it that way, instead of trying to deal with it on our own.

    Janet Lee

    Freshman in LAS

    “America should avoid a war, but they need to keep pressure on North Korea because the thing they’re doing right now is definitely wrong.

    Hyoung Suk Youn

    Freshman in Business

    “It’s a little more worrisome than what’s going in Iran now, just because they’re already testing weapons. I guess I’d like to see the U.S. cooperate a lot more than the U.N. to put pressure on them to stop.

    Emma Boylan

    Sophomore in LAS

    “Some response needs to be made, but I don’t necessarily think that an aggressive response needs to be made.

    Liz DeAvlia

    Senior in Communications