LETTER: Barndances offensive too

This past week’s article and editorial cartoon based on the Tri-Delta and ZBT exchange have inspired me to finally come out with another event that happens yearly in the Greek system that is terribly offensive and demeaning to my culture and minority. This event is the Barn Dance.

If you are not familiar with this type of debauchery, it is where couples dress up in lewd cowboy/cowgirl outfits and go to a barn out in the country for a “ho-down” as it has been called, just to drink Jack Daniels and Budweiser and grind on each other at the expense of all in the agriculture culture. T-shirts from these read themes such as, “Doin’ it in the dirt, Farm Style.”

Do I wear boots, Wrangler jeans, a belt buckle, plaid shirts and a cowboy hat? Yes, and I often wear them in a barn, working with cattle. But the difference here is that I do this with a heritage laid before me going back five generations as well as most Illinoisans in the development of the Midwest. This family farming based culture has now become a minority in our great state, and is defiled by our Greek system in this way.

Josh Black, senior in ACES and coordinator of the Agricultural Advancement Committee, said that he thinks the members of the organizations should have to attend forums on rural culture to educate them.

So I am sure you are thinking, this is ridiculous – a farm boy is just getting too upset over a little event that was made to dress up and have fun. My point exactly. So either get rid of all themed exchanges which will inevitably offend someone, or get a little humility and see that they poke fun at the stereotypes themselves, not the actual minority.

Matt Moodie

Senior in ACES