LETTER: Sorority making an effort

Enough is enough. We know. We made a mistake. We have accepted full responsibility for our actions following an inappropriate party and have expressed our deepest apologies. We are making an effort to educate ourselves. Every day, our hearts are re-broken by the barrage of shame we feel upon seeing ourselves bashed – in the latest news article, opinions column, letter to the editor, cartoon, as the top story on the channel 15 news – we are emotionally drained.

If you continue to judge me and my sisters and our character as members of a sorority, continue to place stereotypes on the Greek system, then you are no better than anyone else on this campus who plays into stereotypes and prior judgment. You are hurting the efforts being made by us and many others to stop this kind of incident from happening again and promoting acceptance across the campus.

Girls are being physically and verbally abused based upon the actions of a few. This needs to stop, including verbal harassment in class and on the street, tripping at the library and ding-dong ditching our sorority house. We are already inflicting punishments upon ourselves and receiving punishments from the University and our executive office.

This is an opportunity for education and campus-wide awareness, not to turn around the recent events, but for us to accept fault and hope for something like this never again to occur. I ask for your support in uniting this campus, not your hindrance.

Lindsay Kordik

Member of Delta Delta Delta