Letter: Response to harassment

In response to Lindsay Kordik’s “Sorority making an effort”:

Verbal harassment on the street, getting tripped at the library, and to top it off, ding-dong ditching at your sorority house? Imagine! All this grief because of the actions of a few of your peers: well doesn’t my heart go out to you, Delta Delta Delta. There couldn’t possibly be anyone who has it worse off than you, though. Being beaten, shot, lynched, raped, looking at your unrecognizable child in a casket, getting sprayed with fire hoses in the street, not being allowed to go to the library, being denied your basic human rights, being spit on, being called a nigger, and having your house burned down all because of the color of your skin, that just doesn’t compare.

But where are my manners? Having your house ding-dong ditched is so much worse than having your house burned down. Maybe now the tri-Deltas have but a small taste of the injustices and experiences of those who “a few” of them and their peers so easily mock. Your impatience with the condemnation you and your sisters are experiencing was clearly conveyed in your pathetic plea for it to stop. Now you have a tiny glimpse into what we as minorities and our ancestors have been going through for years, and now you know the hurt of being judged, just as you judged those you portrayed during your “Taco and Tequila” party.

Whereas the harassment you are experiencing as human beings is unfair, you made the bed you’re sleeping in and you most certainly do not have my sympathy. Welcome to our life, but not really.

NaaAmerley Badger

Freshman in LAS