COLUMN: A change has finally come

By Emma Claire Sohn

The Democratic takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives was predictable to say the least. Then the unthinkable happened. Influenced by a closeted mutiny from the military and the Dem’s stronghold in the House, Donald Rumsfeld “resigned” his position as Secretary of Defense Wednesday morning.

The Current Occupant’s final glimmer of dignity was snatched away Wednesday night, as the Associated Press called the Virginia Senate race for Democrat Jim Webb. In just 24 hours, the Democrats turned water into wine, almost completely reversing partisan politics in the U.S.

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As incredible as this legislative revolution seems, the applications of the recent acquisitions by the Democrats far exceed their face value. Unprecedented progressive change is already at work in Washington.

The most inevitable result of Tuesday’s election will be a progression to end the Iraq war. With Rumsfeld’s resignation and control of Congress, this lofty goal of the left is becoming more realistic.

With a new House comes a new Speaker. Our presumed chosen, Nancy Pelosi, is a progressive Democrat from San Francisco. As second heir to the White House, Nancy Pelosi will be the highest-ranking woman in U.S. history.

But the most important result of Tuesday’s election is its blow to the President’s inflated ego and its effect on his closely tied board.

With the possibility of a Democratic Congress in the back of his mind, the Current Occupant retreated back to the man who got him into office in the first place, his Father. A few days prior to the election Junior, realizing perhaps for the first time the error to his ways, ignored the inevitable pleas of Dick Cheney and began talks with Robert Gates, previous head of the CIA who he has recently endorsed as Rumsfeld’s successor.

The call for Rumsfeld’s resignation is the first in the inevitable long line of retreats from the skewed policy the Bush Administration has pursued for the past six years.

The conditions of his removal are perhaps the most telling of recent events. With the history books in mind, for the first time in his political career George Bush has made a decision independent of Dick Cheney.

The defeat of the Bush regime has the potential to redefine the kind of politics that the GOP has led America to believe they’ve backed throughout both terms. The Republicans have spent six years focused on harboring the ideals of Christian America who they’ve convinced that a rigid stance on “moral” issues such as abortion is the most effective way to express their religious views.

But the logistics and sheer humanity of war have weighed in heavy on the religious right, just as the Administration’s inability to take responsibility for their own pet war resonated with the military, resulting in Rumsfeld’s removal.

As the GOP lay in shambles with the presidential approval rating at an unprecedented low, what is the last man standing, our lap dog of a leader, to do?

We are going to see a lot of complacency from W in the next two years, as he struggles to restore value in the Republican Party, dodges inevitable accusations from the Democrats, and continues to depart from his sinister administration. Two days after the election Bush is already making statements that would never be made under Cheney’s influence, claiming to be “open to any idea” on Iraq for example, or taking the blame for the GOP’s extreme loss in Tuesday’s election.

Bush will not easily get away from his close ties with Rumsfeld. This will be a slippery slope for him as, for the first time, the Democrats will have the leverage needed in Congress to investigate his two questionable terms.

The Democrats received a blessing this week, accompanied by weighty responsibility. Will the newly empowered left further the corrupt extreme partisanship favored by the Republicans? Or will they take advantage of the dissolution of the Bush regime and continue to further the reform already enacted just a few days following their victory. Either way, the left finally has the opportunity to restore the country from one of the worst presidencies in history.