LETTER: Don’t hate, participate

This is in response to Eli Wald, whose half truths and whole lies are bigoted at best. If Eli actually went to Caf‚ Intifada he would see that it was a place for Palestinian Christians, Muslims and all others that are oppressed to speak out for liberation, not the hatred and lies that people like Eli spew out everyday.

As a child I believed that as Palestinians we could live in peace with Israel, but as I grew, I came to realize that the only way for peace to exist is if justice prevailed over the atrocities committed. Palestinians have a democracy and elect their leaders, despite terrorism by Israel to prevent them from sustaining their democracy under an occupation. Many Palestinian government leaders have also been kidnapped and assassinated by Israel. Palestinian life is defined by the walls, checkpoints between Palestinian towns, mass imprisonment of thousands of men, women and children, massacres by bombings, collective punishments, roadblocks, Jewish-only roads and a poverty rate of 70 percent all created by Israel and funded by the United States – so much for promoting democracy.

Palestinians must rise up and defend themselves because when the murderer calls himself the victim, all the true victims can do is seek justice. Nearly 400 Palestinians have been murdered in 5 months, while 4 soldiers and 2 Israelis have been killed, so I ask you: who is the real terrorist? I suggest you stop talking about peace and start fighting for justice. You are outraged when you think that Israel might be destroyed, but where was the outrage when Palestine was actually destroyed and its people still being murdered today? Caf‚ Intifada is a place where all oppressed are free, so why would you hate that?

Jon Paul Youakim

Member, Students for Justice in Palestine