Vote Rob Main for student trustee

By Rob Main

I am running for student trustee because I believe I will best represent students across campus on the Board of Trustees and I believe my experience and leadership accomplishments prove this.

I am a third-generation UI student double majoring in finance and accountancy with a minor in German. As a Business student, I am a member of the College of Business Council of Presidents and a member of the Finance Academy.

I also have in-depth experience in the Illinois Student Senate, or ISS. In addition to serving on the Committee on Appropriations, I have served as the chair of the University Budget Committee. I am also the undergraduate representative to the U-C Senate Executive Committee, or SEC, a position that reports directly to the provost, chancellor and president of the University.

While in these positions of responsibility, I have constantly worked for the students. I led a student letter drive to communicate the student voice to our legislators, authored legislation advocating increased financial support from the state of Illinois, and planned the inaugural U of I Day in Springfield to lobby for University funding. On the SEC, I have represented the students and the Illinois Student Senate by working to improve the Global Campus and the Inclusive Illinois initiative. I also helped pass legislation to make our campus greener and more energy-efficient.

As student trustee, I would like to pursue a variety of initiatives.

Concerning academic affairs, I would like to start an undergraduate research program, which gives undergraduate students the opportunity to assist graduate students and professors on their working papers and research projects. I also would like to improve the marketing tactics of the Global Campus to ensure the Global Campus meets its enrollment goals.

Concerning cultural and minority affairs, I am working to ensure the Student Cultural Programming Fee is passed in the upcoming election. I do not support the idea of a multicultural center, as many students, faculty and administrators have stressed to me that this will take away the identity and welcoming atmosphere of each of the cultural houses. However, I do support increased funding for LGBT and women’s programming. Lastly, as student trustee, I will work to ensure that the Inclusive Illinois initiative is effective and has sound metrics to measure its progress.

Concerning student life and student rights, I will work to protect student rights in events such as Homecoming and Unofficial. I would also like to enhance programming for graduate students to give them a more well-rounded graduate experience. Lastly, I would like to make campus safety part of the freshman programming, so all students are aware of the University’s safety systems.

Concerning University funding, increasing tuition should be a last resort. Instead of raising tuition, I will work to fund the University through a variety of other avenues. I would like to create a more intimate relationship with our alumni to increase alumni donations. I will constantly keep in touch with our legislators in Springfield, to ensure they are aware that the UI is an investment for the future of Illinois. Lastly, I will work to grow our endowment to create a better financial foundation for our operations.

As student trustee, I will always be available for students. Not only will I have my office open several hours a day to talk with students, but I will also keep in frequent contact with various student organizations to hear their concerns. I also vow to regularly attend Illinois Student Senate meetings not only to stay familiar with ISS business, but to also communicate the business of the Board of Trustees to the students. In doing these things, I will always represent the students and ensure the future progress of the University of Illinois.

Editor’s Note:

With campus elections occuring online Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, The Daily Illini presents guest columns from two candidates for the position of Champaign-Urbana campus student trustee.

The student trustee serves as a student voice along with elected students from the Springfield and Chicago campuses on the University’s Board of Trustees.

The three campuses alternate one binding vote between them. That choice is determined each year by the governor.

A third candidate, John Unrug, junior in Business, is facing eligibility questions that are in dispute as of press time and did not respond to an e-mail request to contribute a column to this forum.

Information about students running for seats in the Illinois Student Senate and Student Organization Resource Fee Board (SORF) can be found in Monday’s edition of The Daily Illini.

Online voting begins Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 12:01 a.m. and closes Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 11:59 p.m.