From the desk of a brand new freshman

By Annie Piekarczyk

So, it’s my first day at college, it’s 10:35 p.m., my roommate hasn’t moved in yet, I don’t have cable TV, which means I can’t watch the Olympics, the Newman cafeteria wasn’t serving dinner because it’s a Sunday (go figure) and I’m all alone in this 12 x 18 room. But let’s just say I still couldn’t be any more excited. I’ve been waiting for this moment for the past four years. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been waiting for this day like the Second Coming.

College. College. Just the word sounds great. The opportunities, the people you meet and the things you get to do, the list is endless. I walked down Green Street just to see what was there. I bought some way overpriced mechanical pencils at Walgreens and I might just frame the receipt as my first collegiate buy. It’s an exciting thing. When has it ever been more appropriate to buy college-ruled paper? Never, that’s when. So I stocked up on some of that too. And of course, who could forget my personal favorite, the five-star notebooks? They deserve every one of those five stars.

But mostly, let’s admit it’s not really just college that’s exciting. It’s the college life – what we really associate with “college.” It’s the parties, the nonexistent curfew, the night life; not having to make our bed in the morning, wearing sweatpants to class (although I’ve never owned a pair of sweatpants in my life and I’m not sure I plan to), and having just plain ol’ independence. Come on, who’s really coming to college to study? We all know (eerily) that we’ve been counting down the days on Facebook.

OK, I’m totally ready to study. I’m all about the learning! But the college life is just full of perks. From what I know, the cafeterias are like the all-you-can-eat buffets at the Golden Corral but much cleaner. Who’d say no to that? They call it the freshman 15 for a reason, you know.

But nevermind the endless amounts of food, let’s get back to the big moment.

Our parents pack their cars full of our stuff, drive us up here, or rather, for me: take a train, a plane, and a few cars along the way to get here. They drop us off and we’re left.


Well, some of us are. And some of us have our families just down the street. Either way, we’re here. Alone with endless possibilities. Our parents drop us off with a hallelujah chorus playing in the background – of course, I’m sure we’re the only ones who hear it, and the big guy himself is there to greet us with a holy gift: freedom.

I think that’s one of the scariest words to our parents – mostly freshman students’ parents, otherwise known as my parents. All of a sudden one day goes by and we’re no longer home for dinner, we’re not getting yelled at to clean our room or take out the trash. We’re … free. Our parents shudder to think of it. At least, I’m sure mine do.

The night before I left for college, my dad made me promise not to get on a motorcycle. As if I’d be running around campus looking for a motorcycle, any motorcycle to hop on … By the way, do you have one? Or know someone who does?

Anyway, I can’t hold it in any longer: We’re finally here!

Some of us might be here for the wrong reasons: to get out of the house or to party it up Monday through Saturday, and then some of us are here to meet all different kinds of people, to explore the endless possibilities, join a bunch of clubs and follow the yellow brick road. Whether it be that we’re coming to college seeking society or a higher level of education, here we are.

And you know the best part? The absolute cherry on top: We can do whatever we want with our newfound freedom.

I’m going to buy a used bike at the bike auction, get a tattoo (I’m kidding, mom), get a part-time job, and who knows, learn to knit. “Whoa, dream big!” Right? What are you going to do?

Annie is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism and is looking for a motorcycle – any motorcycle to hop on.