Re-elect Urbana Mayor Prussing

As the saying goes, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The city of Urbana is doing well with economic development, sustainability, public safety and fiscal responsibility — largely because of Mayor Laurel Prussing. Urbana’s government is stable and to make any drastic changes, particularly during an economic recession, would be asking for trouble. That’s why we urge those of you who can vote in the April 7 Urbana mayoral election to re-elect Mayor Prussing.

During the past four years, Prussing has developed a good, working relationship with city employees and the City Council. Upon beginning her job as mayor in 2005, she inherited an administration with a poor level of communication and a hostile relationship with city employees and the City Council. By changing the atmosphere, she made a breakthrough in labor negotiations by reaching a win-win agreement with the firefighters’ union, saving taxpayers $100,000 in attorney fees and staff time.

Mayor Prussing has always reached out to the student community and sought to connect herself with the University. She has worked to make apartment complexes safe, and in Urbana apartment renters are frequently students. With a large part of the campus in Urbana, it is important that our representative understands our needs and how they differ from those of the general community.

Additionally, Urbana has made a lot of progress and blossomed under her leadership in the past four years. Prussing promised to “create an atmosphere of respect for people and for the democratic process.” She has done just that and the city should support her bid for re-election.

Comparing Champaign to Urbana highlights the strengths of Prussing’s city. Champaign is currently facing hard financial times. But Urbana’s fiscal standing is safe and secure. City staff and the City Council share some credit for that, but she was the impetus behind stabilizing Urbana’s finances. Prussing’s work has shown her dedication to the Urbana community. She wants what’s best for the city, as demonstrated by her intention to not increase the property tax.

Under Prussing’s leadership, Urbana has prospered in business development; according to the News-Gazette, 96 businesses have expanded or opened in Urbana in the past four years. Other cities have had to lay off workers, downsize and close some businesses.

Urbana also prides itself on being a green city. Sustainability is very important to our campus, to our community and to Prussing.

She understands the importance of preserving the environment for ecological and economical reasons. If re-elected, she will continue to push toward becoming more sustainable.

With her leadership, authority, and experience, Prussing has done well these past four years. When you go to vote, consider what Prussing can accomplish with the solid foundation she has already built.

Mayor Prussing has our support, our trust and our vote. She deserves yours, too. If you can vote, re-elect Mayor Prussing in Urbana’s mayoral election Tuesday, April 7.