Landmark case still inspires debate

As the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision came and went last week, it was evident that the decision is as important to our generation as it was when the Supreme Court decision was handed down 37 years ago.

At the March for Life event held Friday in Washington D.C., commentators noted that much of the crowd was young adults. Our generation has become increasingly involved on the issue because we understand that this specific court case has shaped our lives greatly.

The decision from this case provides women with a safer, legal option. If the choice to have an abortion is taken off the table, the potential results are perilous.

There will always be women who choose to have an abortion, whether or not the procedure remains legal. Through the continued support of Roe v. Wade, women can be assured that doctors who specialize in this area are available to them. These women will not have to worry about conducting the procedure in an unsafe environment.

We understand that it is easy for us to discuss this issue without having to contemplate the outcome. But we know that if we were in this situation and chose to have this procedure, we would want to have the safest one offered to us.

We are not saying that we endorse abortions; we are saying that the government should not have a place in deciding whether others should have the option.

Maybe you disagree. No matter the stance you take on the issue, we encourage you to attend the open forum held on Wednesday at 307 Greg Hall at 7 p.m.

Yes, it will be a heated forum. Yes, there will be people speaking passionately on the subject. And yes, emotions may flare, but this passionate speech fits discussion of such a crucial issue.

This topic will undoubtedly be discussed in generations to come.

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We’re proud to be part of a generation able to have debates about issues that are important to us.

We encourage you, through thoughtful and passionate debate, to contribute as well.

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