Hogan ready to move forward, wants to ‘remake’ UI

On Thursday afternoon, we had the opportunity to spend an hour with President Hogan. After everything we heard, it was our opportunity to decide for ourselves what we thought of our new leader.

We like what we’ve seen. So far.

After a year of resignations, his presidency is a new page in this school’s history.

Hogan’s place at this University marks a change in momentum, signaling that we are beginning to move forward.

That’s the impression we got from Hogan.

He knows he is taking the reins of a university with a somewhat tarnished reputation, and he seems ready to make it shine by working and changing what we already have.

He told us he doesn’t plan on launching any huge new initiatives that we can’t afford.

“It’s not a time to be thinking grand, big things,” he said. “It’s a time to be thinking of literally remaking the University in some regard.” He knows now is not the time to be doing anything drastic.

Hogan acknowledged that we are in a budget crisis, but knows that in order to keep talented professors around, pay increases are necessary.

He told us he’s against furlough days. He said they ruin morale and make professors unhappy.

In fact, Hogan said he wants to raise salaries marginally for University employees across the board. It seems he recognizes the campus climate — and is working on ways to improve it.

Hogan has ideas and opinions about the kinds of changes that need to happen, and we want him to leave his own mark on the University.

Something that may justify Hogan’s salary — he wants to make the University more money, and he says he intends to lobby and fundraise.

If his record in UConn is anything to go by, he should be able to pay for himself.

This is a different situation than UConn, an entirely different climate. Time will tell if his efforts pay off.

Hogan seems to be working on being a visible and active president already, by going to sporting events and helping students move in, but the question is, will he keep this up?

Will he get us out of this budget crisis? Will students stop him on the street and take a picture with him? Will he boost the school’s morale? Will our ranking go up on the U.S. News and World Report?

Will he participate in the school’s Rock Paper Scissors competition, as he did at UConn?

We liked what we heard from President Hogan, but after everything this school has been through, we need to see change before we make a final decision.

As an outsider coming in, he has a lot to prove — but as of yet, it looks like he just might be up to the job.