Recruiters rank students ‘best prepared’

Finally some good news. The University came in third in a new Wall Street Journal ranking released this week identifying the top 25 undergraduate universities as “best prepared and most able to succeed,” ranked by recruiters themselves. The survey looked at the graduates’ academic strength, communication and leadership skills based on their hiring experience.

We’re encouraged by the fact that the University of Illinois ranked third on the list, only behind Penn State and Texas A & M. There are a lot of fantastic initiatives, students, researchers, professors and programs at Illinois, and it’s great to be recognized for the hard work they’re putting in.

With so much bad news recently coming about the University, state and national financial situations, it can be discouraging for recent graduates and college students hoping to find jobs after completing their degrees. Perk up class of 2011, things may not be so bad after all.

Aside from the good news coming out of that survey, our own students are lucky enough to have both the Business Career Fair and the Engineering Career Fair going on this week. Although not every college or program at the University has as many resources available to provide career services to its students, these fairs are open to everyone.

Even if you aren’t a business or engineering major, go to the career fairs, present your best work and you may be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities you find. You may have to get creative with who you talk to and how you present yourself, but if you land a job, it’s worth it.

Amidst the constant worst-case scenario news coming out everyday, University graduates are lucky to have a strong degree and so much to offer the professional world. The fact that recruiters are noticing doesn’t hurt, either.

There are still so many problems facing the University and issues our students struggle with everyday, but we appreciate any good news we can get, and news about our graduates getting jobs is always welcome.