Sentinel purchase a waste of police resources

Recently, the University of Illinois Police Department announced the purchase of two Sentinel transportation devices, which are similar to Segways, as new tools to deter crime. The purchase was made from a $10,000 grant given to the police department from the Moms Association. In light of all the assaults and robberies on campus, it is my belief that this purchase is evidence of wasted resources by the University’s police force. It’s my suggestion that the use of $10,000 could have been better served paying for an increase of student patrols or the purchasing of several mountain bikes for mounted patrols. Mountain bikes offer far greater mobility than the Sentinel at a far lesser cost, not only in its price, but upkeep.

If the University of Illinois police wish to make a positive impression within the community and improve its ability to fight crime, I would suggest they stop wasting money on toys and filling their budgets through underage drinking tickets.

_Laren Pike, Champaign resident_