Seven favorites right now: From the weather to the Super Bowl

From time to time columnist Mary Schmich at The Chicago Tribune will make a list of things she’s liked recently. This week, I’ve decided to do the same. In no particular order, here is a list of my most recent enjoyments:

*1. The weather*

That’s right. It’s February, and I have the weather on my like list. And while frostbite-philiacs and climatologists (Negative Nancys) may be less enthused, it hasn’t stopped our youthful campus from playing catch games on the Quad and indulging in double helpings of frozen yogurt at Cocomero. I’m not even upset anymore about my favorite, recently stolen gloves and am willing to look past the Frisbee that collided with my face while I was biking past Foellinger Auditorium the other day. It’s springtime in winter in central Illinois. Let’s just hope this “sprinter” doesn’t disappear as fast as its nickname implies.

*2. Small classrooms*

As a second semester senior, this is the first semester I don’t have a single class in a giant lecture hall. My largest class size is capped at around 60 people. Call me a nerd, but it’s nice walking into class sizes too small for students to get away with watching pirated copies of The Muppets Movie during lecture and where the professor is actually able to call on students by their first name. Speaking of which …

*3. Professors that actually know their students’ names*

I was once in a class of about 40 where the professor spent the entire semester distinguishing us by our clothing. One can only take “girl with the green sweater” so many times. Alternatively, I also was in a class of over 100, where the professor had all of our names memorized after the second week. This like is dedicated to him. Be inspired, professors.

*4. Arrested Development*

Yeah, the official movie has been “in production” forever, which is kind of annoying, but this past November, it was officially announced that Netflix would be streaming nine to 10 new episodes of the show by early 2013. In the meantime, Netflix is currently streaming all three previous seasons. As someone who’s recently been spending all of her procrastination time reliving the genius comedy, if I had any declaration, it would be for everyone to unplug their eyes and ears to Will Arnett’s chicken dance and David Cross’s limber moves.

*5. Panera’s tomato soup in a bread bowl*

It’s creamy, tomatoey, bready and delicious. At about $6 a bowl, however, it’s also expensive. Luckily, a simple Google search teaches you how to make their trademark version of this classic soup on your own.

*6. Urbana’s quaint charm*

Tucked east behind Lincoln Avenue lays the cobble brick streets and full moon lampposts in the heart of Urbana. While I plan to one day live in a big city, I’ve come to appreciate living in this historic town. There’s certainly something to be said for the weekly local farmer’s market, historic 19th century homes and the fact that strangers aren’t afraid to smile at each other. New York City should take specific note to that last one.

*7. The Super Bowl taking place in Indianapolis*

Ah, the Super Bowl. I proudly admit that I haven’t watched it since 2007 and stopped paying attention to this year’s season when I couldn’t use the verb “Tebowed” anymore. But I do know that yesterday’s game took place in the good old Midwest for the fourth time in 45 years. But thanks to $25 million raised by private funders, Indianapolis became the center to over 100 million pairs of eyes yesterday, giving the “flyover states” some much deserved attention.

_Rebecca is a senior in LAS._