David Pileski for Student Trustee

Right now, we’re all thinking about Friday. Unofficial. The biggest party at the University of Illinois. After consuming all you can in booze and running around campus wearing bright green clothes, it’s important to start thinking about the upcoming elections for student trustee.

This student will serve on the University Board of Trustees. It is crucial to elect a candidate that represents our own interests and will convey these interests during their term as trustee.

I recommend an intelligent, accessible, and qualified candidate for trustee: David Pileski. David served the past year as the student body president. During that year he built relationships with other student leaders in the Greek Community, RSOs and various volunteer groups.

David strongly values accessibility and plans to hold open hours for any student to drop by and share their concerns. This is a key quality that makes him a strong representative. For more information about David and his mission statement, visit http://www.illinifordavid.com/. Thousands of people will be celebrating Unofficial this weekend, and I hope that even more will cast their vote for David to represent their views as student trustee.

_Alana Rubin, sophomore in LAS._