Tebow poised for a comeback in 2014

What has former NFL quarterback and Heisman winner Tim Tebow been doing since his much-maligned stint with the New York Jets? He’s been waiting.

Waiting patiently for a second chance. The Patriots tried to give it to him but ended up cutting Tebow after training camp. They’ve had a less-than-stellar season as far as New England standards go. Yeah, they beat Peyton Manning, god among men on the gridiron, and there is no way Tebow would have stolen the starting spot from Tom Brady, but wouldn’t it be nice to have options? Ryan Mallet will only get you so far in a pinch.

The Patriots are fine. They made the right decision for their team. Can the same be said of the Jaguars? The Browns? These teams are a combined 7-17 and neither have a handle on a maintaining consistency at quarterback. Yikes.

There are billboards in Jacksonville pleading with Jaguars owner Shahid Khan to buy in to what Tebow has to offer. And back in Week 4, a banner was flown over EverBank Field begging the Jaguars for a quarterback change.

Tebow to Jacksonville just makes sense. The headlines write themselves. “Tebow back where he belongs.” “Hometown boy makes good.” “Tim triumphs over naysayers.” And the Florida Gators faithful will rejoice as their hero, their pride and joy, returns to the Sunshine State.

Seminoles fans? Not so much.

Cleveland is also in the running for the “worst quarterback situation of 2013” award. The Browns have four players vying for first team reps, two of which — Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden — suffered recent concussions. The other two, Caleb Hanie and Alex Tanney, were signed a matter of days ago, leaving little to no time to practice with the team.

Double yikes.

In his six-year career, Hanie has thrown three touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Bears fans remember him as the guy who went 0-4 in 2011 when Cutler needed surgery for a broken thumb.

Good luck, Cleveland. Tebow is looking bigger and better, right?

Bonus points: If Tebow goes to the Browns he can reunite with Urban Meyer in Ohio and pretend he doesn’t feel betrayed that the former Florida coach is now wearing Scarlet and Gray.

If guys like Todd Collins — former Bears backup and 2010 season ruiner — can play, or at least maintain their spot in the league for decades without doing anything notable, why is Tim Tebow continually passed over?

Tebow isn’t a bad football player. He might not be the best quarterback, but as a teammate, and as an athlete, he is invaluable.

I understand that he only wants to play quarterback, but is that more important that playing football altogether? I don’t think so. Tebow is a game changer. He’s a competitor, and to go without playing is probably tortuous.

It’s no secret that I’m a big Tim Tebow fan. Huge, actually. But why not give a guy, who is a great athlete, who is a good role model and preaches the right things both on and off the field, the opportunity to prove himself?

He did it with the Broncos.

Tebow turned that team around after Kyle Orton struggled though two and a half seasons and left them poised and ready to have a great year with Peyton Manning. He helped revitalize the franchise. Let him do that for the Jaguars or the Browns and see what happens.

If he fails, he fails. But what does Jacksonville or Cleveland lose in giving him a chance?

It’s Tebow Time.

Aryn is a senior in LAS. She can be reached at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @ArynBraun.