How to have an ideal Super Bowl Sunday

By Erik Prado

Two weeks is an eternity for the media covering the Super Bowl. Every matchup and every storyline has been covered.

Basically, ticket prices are high, only extreme weather will force the delay of the game and Peyton Manning is very good, as is the Seattle Seahawks defense. 

It almost takes the fun out of writing a Super Bowl column. I wish I could write about how I discovered the tiniest error in Manning’s throwing motion, and analyze how Michael Bennett and his fellow defensive linemen can exploit this. But I can’t, and if I did, I wouldn’t be in Champaign right now. 

The Super Bowl coverage has gotten to the point where Manning’s throws wobble so much, Richard Sherman called them “ducks.” And this is somehow big news. 

With that, here are some preparations you can make for Sunday.

First off, be sure you are watching the game with people you enjoy being around. Nothing will ruin your Super Bowl Sunday than being around a Debbie Downer, or someone who thinks football is waste of time. 

Wherever you are watching, there must be a respectable amount of food. Nothing is worse than wanting some wings in the middle of the third quarter, only to see there are none left. If this means bringing a bucket of wings, do it. Also make sure there are snacks, such as chips. They’re filling, but not too much. 

Then comes the viewing area. First question: Is the television modern? It’s 2014. No one wants to watch Pete Caroll running along the sidelines in lo-def on a 1996 giant black box. Sound is also essential because people will be talking over the game. You need to be able to keep tally of how many times Manning yells “Omaha,” though some would argue hearing Joe Buck for three hours is bad enough.  

Finally, is the seating plentiful and ideally arranged? You can’t stand for the entire game, and the seats shouldn’t be right up on the screen or extremely far back. You want the perfect view of Marshawn Lynch throwing a Bronco off him. You also want to see how many empty seats there are at MetLife Stadium because the weather will not be ideal for some of these corporate “fans.” 

Once all those elements are settled, you can properly watch the game. Look for how the Broncos will handle the physical and talented Seahawks secondary. The Seahawks offense has been anything but spectacular this postseason, so Wilson needs at least two early scores to prove they can keep up with, if not pull ahead of, the best offense in NFL history.

I am predicting that no matter what happens through 55 minutes, the last five minutes will involve some exciting football and end with a Matt Prater game-winner. Just like that, Seattle fans’ hearts will be broken again. Manning will most likely win MVP, but the Broncos have enough offensive talent that anyone can win the honor. 

Once the postgame interviews are over, I along with many others, will sulk because there will be no more football games, NFL and NCAA, until August.

But then I’ll get happy again, because The Walking Dead returns next Sunday. 

Erik can be reached at [email protected] and @e_prada.