Jobs on campus provide knowledge and experiences for job success off-campus

By Kate Cullen

While many students devote their time solely to academics and extracurricular activities, which may include frequenting the sticky floor of KAM’s, others choose to take on the added task of having a job. 

These people are not hard to spot — they are the overachievers, the time management wizards and the money managers. Students who work for their money are more responsible with it because they appreciate the value of hard work and a dollar, which is why all students should strive to obtain jobs while on campus. 

In addition to the benefit of having extra cash flow, it is no secret that those who have jobs now are looking toward their future. People with jobs are trying to establish themselves early on with experience in the job market to boost their resume for the future. Whether it be waiting tables or aiding a research study, any and all experiences can be applied to your future and expanded on in a resume. 

There are a lot of jobs available on campus that are perfect for a student’s hectic schedule. Because finding a job that suits your interests and your schedule may be difficult, here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular jobs the campus has to offer. 

Having a job on the bar scene is a coveted position because usually those people are able to get deals for their friends and be the hotshot hero of the night. Everyone loves a good deal. However, you can’t just walk into any bar on campus and become a bartender. No, you have to start at the bottom of the food chain and crawl your way to the glory that lies behind the bar. 

Usually, freshmen begin as shot girls and bus boys, which doesn’t get you much besides a T-shirt with the bar’s name on the back. But then, you slowly transition into being a bar back — or the guy who gets the bartenders anything they need while being screamed at by malicious customers who are unable to comprehend the idea that the bar back is not there to serve customers. 

Then maybe, after sweating it in the back lugging cases and chairs around the bar, the manager will ask you to become a bartender, and in that moment, it will all be worth it because you get to be the drink god who will decide which customers get served. 

While this job provides lots of perks for the typical college student, it also can be applicable to real world experience. If you are a bartender, that means you have experience working with others in a group setting and have exceptional communication skills. Bartenders are typically very outgoing, which translates well in the real job market. 

The next job is for all of the introverts who prefer the quiet surroundings of books to the loud, obnoxious rampage of bars. Working at one of the campus libraries provides both a calm, serene atmosphere and allows for quality study time when things aren’t too busy.  

Working for one of the campus libraries, such as the Undergraduate Library, may include shelving books that have been previously checked out, aiding students in finding books on the shelves or helping students with other various research tasks. Those who work at the library typically have their headphones permanently attached to their ears and a coffee cup from Espresso Royale in their hand at all times. If you’re looking to become the ultimate hipster, you may consider looking into this job. 

Working at a campus library can translate into having great organizational and problem-solving skills. Additionally, it is not uncommon for people in this job to work with graduate students and professors, who may be able to write a letter of recommendation when the time comes. 

Another job popular among students is becoming a campus representative for a company. Companies that hire representatives on campus can sell merchandise ranging from energy drinks to high-end clothing. More often than not, the companies want students to promote their brands around campus to increase sales among students. 

This typically doesn’t involve too much work beyond hosting the occasional event and posting obnoxious, incessant Facebook posts. Campus reps are usually those attempting to enter into the marketing field and have a fraternity or sorority affiliation. After all, there is nothing frattier than being a Red Bull rep. 

This may be the flashiest of all three jobs described, but it puts you in contact with real life professionals. Getting to know the people that work for these companies can open up a wide range of contacts that could benefit you when it comes time to join in on the job hunt. 

For those interested in becoming gainfully employed to take a rest from the Bank of Dad, perhaps you should look into one of these jobs other students have found successes in.

Kate is a senior in LAS. She can be reached at [email protected]