Liverpool’s record-chasing season deserves your attention


By Peter Bailey-Wells

April is an exciting time in sports. Baseball is back, the NBA and NHL playoffs are heating up, and the NFL draft is fast approaching. It wouldn’t be April without a full sports calendar. 

Unfortunately, there is something that is often left off of that calendar. American fans have a unique ability to ignore the world’s favorite sport: soccer. 

The original football often gets thrown under the bus by American fans because our domestic league is relatively poor in terms of talent. But this year, there is a team across the pond that is worth paying attention to, despite the distance separating it from the U.S. 

The English football club Liverpool is currently sitting first in the standings of the Barclay’s Premier League, with just three matches to go. Led by forward Luis Suarez, the team is primed to eclipse Chelsea’s goal record by a single club in a Premier League campaign. Liverpool stands at 96 goals after 35 matches, behind Chelsea’s record of 103. 

OK so they score a lot, so what? I still like watching hockey and football better, because those guys kick the crap out of each other while they’re playing.

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    Well for one thing, Suarez’s 30 goals is more goals than two other Premier League teams. Two more goals, and he’ll have sole possession of the EPL record for most goals in a season. Combine Suarez’s 30 goals and fellow forward Daniel Sturridge’s 20 goals (second place in the EPL), and the pair have outscored 12 teams, more than half of the teams in the EPL. 

    Oh yeah, and this team hasn’t lost a league game since before the New Year. 

    The last time Liverpool lost an EPL match was Dec. 29 against Chelsea, 2-1. Since then, the team has recorded 16 wins and two draws, a winning streak that has catapulted them to the top of the standings. 

    Take the Miami Heat’s 27-game win streak in the 2013 regular season, and imagine if instead of dropping two games to the Bulls and Knicks they had continued their win streak through the end of the season. Liverpool hasn’t lost a game for the entire second half of the season.   

    You may not have known it, American sports fans, but this is the highest scoring team in the history of the most important domestic league in soccer, which is a pretty big deal. 

    Peyton Manning’s offensive success with the Denver Broncos this season drew remarkable attention and significant praise. Liverpool is imitating that success this season and has garnered scarce attention in the U.S. Soccer may not get much love or respect from American sports fans, but this is a watchable team for an American audience with a short attention span. As of this year, the entire season of the EPL is available on NBC and NBCSN, so American fans have no excuse as to why they haven’t been watching Liverpool’s record-setting run.

    Peter is a freshman in Media. He can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @pbaileywells22.