A sports columnist’s mailbag: post-graduation fandom, adult accomplishments and riots

Illinois’ Leron Black (12) takes a shot during the game against Michigan at United Center in Chicago, Illinois during the Big Ten Tournament on Thursday, March 12, 2015. The Illini lost 73-55.

Erik asks: Will post-college Sam Sherman still root for Illinois or just give up?

I am graduating in a little over a month, and that is an absolutely wacky feeling. I always felt like I was ready to graduate, even when I was a sophomore. Now, with a month left of college, I am not so ready to leave this place.

Whenever old people would come up to me and say: “Enjoy these four years, they go by quick,” I wouldn’t listen to them, I would say, “Get away from me old man.”

Now I know that the old man was right.

College goes by really freaking fast.

One of the things I will miss the most about college is the sports teams.

You read that correctly: I just said that I am going to miss Illinois football and basketball.

This is basically like saying I’ll miss getting punched in the stomach on a weekly basis. But it’s true.

I was standing courtside when Tyler Griffey hit the game-winning last-second layup against No. 1 Indiana in 2013.

I stood right behind the field goal posts when David Reisner nailed a 36-yard game-winning field goal against Penn State last season.

Illinois athletics have given me some of the greatest memories I’ll ever have.

Hell yes, post-college Sam Sherman will still bleed orange and blue.

Matt asks: Sam, big fan of yours. I’m wondering what your takeaways are from the Masters last week?

I don’t like golf.

I mean, I like to play golf, but I have a hard time sitting down and watching it, especially on TV.

I just want to clarify; I am an awful golfer but still love to play.

The most impressive part of my golf game is the distance I can throw my seven-iron after hitting a terrible shot.

While I didn’t watch the Masters, I did see that 21-year-old Jordan Spieth won.

You don’t have to love golf to realize how cool that is.

He is 21!

To put that in perspective, I am 22.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve never won the Masters.

Twenty-two-year-old Sam Sherman has thrown out his back every week for the past two months and ate an entire brick of cheddar cheese last night.

One time, I saw Bill Murray at a pizza place, but was too nervous to say anything, so that was kind of a cool thing that happened in my first 22 years of life.

Congratulations to Jordan Spieth for doing something pretty dang cool and making the rest of us 20-somethings feel pretty dang lame.

John asks: How bout them Tigers?

John is presumably referring to the Detroit Tigers and their hot start to the baseball season.

They are currently 6-1 and have been one of baseball’s scariest-looking teams early in the season.

After seven games, Miguel Cabrera is batting .517 with two home runs, nine RBIs and a .576 on-base percentage.

That’s otherworldly, in case you don’t know.

I think John is especially curious as to how I feel about the Tigers’ hot start because of my White Sox fandom.

The A.L. Central was supposed to be a little more open for the taking coming into the season.

The Tigers were supposed to take a step back, and it looked like there was room for a new king.

So far, all the Tigers have done is prove that assumption very wrong.

Of course, it’s too early to make any major declarations about the baseball season, but the Tigers have done seemingly everything right so far.

It is especially irritating because my Sox started out the season 0-4 before winning their last two.

The White Sox are making the same mistakes they have made in past years ­— the difference this year is that new faces are making them.

I’m not giving up hope on the White Sox.

I know that with new players it can take a little while before everyone gels.

It doesn’t help that both the Tigers and Royals have gotten off to hot starts, but the baseball season is too long to worry about early season success.

Chris asks: When the Cubs inevitably win the World Series (this year or next), what is the right amount of rioting that fans can do?

I have two answers to this question.

1. You don’t have to worry about this because the Cubs aren’t going to win the World Series this year or next.

2. Don’t riot after sporting events! Seriously, don’t riot after sporting events. It’s stupid, and there are plenty of other, more intelligent ways to celebrate your team’s success.

Sam is a senior in Media.

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