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Grande against gender gap 

Award winning Arianna Grande is not going to answer any more questions about boys. The grammy nominated 21-year-old is finished answering questions about her love life, and for a good reason. Grande feels that the the media is more interested in her dating habits than her career. While Grande is not the first female pop star to point out this trend, she is taking to social media to share her frustration with her young fans. One had hope that her influence on her teen fans will influence the way they think about gender stereotypes and influence the future of how media treats artists. 

DI denied 

Wind woes 

Illinois is a flat state, so there is not much blocking the wind from blowing people to the ground. The gusts do have their good points, as it adds a little relief to otherwise heavy, hot central-Illinois days. But it untimely reeks havoc on anyone with long hair or wearing a skirt. There is nothing that can be done from stopping the wind from coming, but ending up with a tangled mess of hair and accidentally flashing innocent bystanders Marilyn Monroe-style is less than ideal.