Editorial: Staying safe on Halloween

The Daily Illini Editorial Board wishes everyone a happy Halloween weekend! The days of trick-or-treating have long passed for us, but the holiday is still enjoyable.

The day to dress up and act as someone else lands on a Saturday this year, and we want everyone to remember to be safe.

Although we don’t want to anticipate something terrible happening, it’s always better to be safe and cautious. Pick a friend or a group of people to walk with throughout the night and always be aware of your surroundings. Let someone know when you’re expected to be at your destination.

Charge your phone completely before leaving for the night. While walking, don’t listen to headphones or look at your phone so you’re able to hear and see other people and cars. If you ever feel as though you’re in danger, don’t hesitate to call 911 or SafeRides.

If you’re drinking, please don’t drive or get in a car with someone that is drinking. And although you should never text and drive, it’s important to remember there are tons of students always walking around on campus who may not be looking for cars, especially on a night that tends to be more wild.

If you’re planning on going off campus, be aware that Champaign and Urbana will be having trick-or-treating hours from 5 to 7 p.m. — so be aware of parents and children walking around during those hours.

Know your limits on alcohol intake, try to pace yourself rather than drinking quickly — especially since it’s more fun to have a party that lasts all night anyway. If you’re not feeling well, sit down and drink water. Remember not to take drinks from people you don’t know.

Look out for friends. If someone is unconscious and needs help, please call 911. Even if someone is underage, the immunity law states that neither the caller nor the underage drinker will receive citations in that case.

Keep in mind that more cops than normal will most likely be out from the University of Illinois Police Department as well as from Champaign and Urbana. So whether it’s public urination or public intoxication, be privy to your outside actions.

We hope that no one has to call 911 or finds themselves in a bad situation this weekend, but we want you to be prepared if it does. So have a happy and safe Halloween.