Editorial: Activities to keep your dad busy


Daily Illini File Photo

Molly Nicholas, alumni, and her dad show the crowd where she got her talent at the Dad’s Weekend football game in 1986.

Any tradition that involves your dad or a father-figure trying to relive his college glory days and “hang” with students more than half his age is definitely a tradition worth keeping.

That’s why Dad’s Weekend has been an annual celebration here since 1920. This weekend is a chance for University fathers to visit campus and their child, and see what all the hype surrounding KAMs is about.

However, while your dad undoubtedly means well, it can be stressful trying to keep him entertained for a whole weekend. Luckily, the Daily Illini Editorial Board has come up with some activities you and your dad should do this weekend that will leave you both feeling like the weekend was a success.

  1. Tailgate with your dad at Grange Grove, then go to the game

Dads love football, and you love your dad, so what better way to make him happy than take him to a good old-fashioned football game? Tie in a tailgate with a bloody mary (or two?) beforehand and you’ve got yourself a perfect Saturday morning. Illinois is 2-6 and and will likely lose to Michigan State, but that should not stop you from having fun.  Listen to your dad talk about what Lovie has and hasn’t done to improve the team since last year and relish in the fact that your dad is enjoying himself and you are the child of the year.

  1. Dinner at Joe’s or Firehaus

After the successful morning and afternoon, your dad will be hungry — there’s nothing worse than a “hangry” dad. He might even say “I’m hungry,” to which you can hit him back with the classic dad joke: “Hi hungry, I’m (your name)”. After the shared laugh, tell your dad you already have something planned: Joe’s or Firehaus. These are perfect “dad” spots because of the wide variety of burgers and appetizers they offer, not to mention pitchers of beer. Your dad will be satisfied and you’ll get a great meal out of it.

  1. Take your dad to Kam’s

There’s only one place you should take your dad to and it’s called KAMs. After waiting in a ridiculously long line and paying $10 cover, buy him a couple of Blue Guys and teach him the art of “icing out”. Once he’s had a few drinks, watch him get up on stage and dance to the song “Closer,” throwing a few signature dad dabs. Before you both close out KAMs, don’t forget to take a picture in front of the Alma mural so you can post it to your Instagram.

  1. Drunk food at Cracked

Once your dad is appropriately sauced, it’s time to teach him the art of drunk food, and there’s nothing like breakfast food at 2 a.m. The Cracked food truck is the perfect place to take your dad after you both stumble out of the bar. Here you can show your dad the beauty of extra guacamole and Sriracha on a morning bender and make him wish food trucks were popular when he went to college — and also understand why you regularly buy tots at 2:30 in the morning.

  1. Brunch on Sunday morning

When you and your dad are sufficiently hungover the next morning, take your dad out for brunch at the Original Pancake House. Your dad is probably going to want to some freshly squeezed orange juice to restore some lost vitamins from the night before. During this time, take advantage of your last few hours to spend bonding with your dad and reminisce on the weekend that will go down in history as the best weekend yet.