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The Charlotte Bobcats' Kwame Brown, left, and assistant coach Charles Oakley talk after Brown was called for a technical foul following a dunk against the Sacramento Kings during first-half action on Friday, February 25, 2011, at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dolan locks out Charles Oakley

DI Denied

New York Knicks frontcourt man Charles Oakley was forcibly escorted Wednesday from Madison Square Garden in the middle of the Knicks game. Oakley allegedly aggressively disparaged Knicks owner James Dolan, who announced Friday that Oakley is banned from “the Garden” for life. Naturally, removing a beloved player from his home arena didn’t sit well with fans, who’ve lambasted Dolan on social media in the days since. Furthering his public relations disaster, Dolan invited former Knick Latrell Sprewell to sit with him for Sunday’s game. Dolan seemed to think Knicks fans would completely forget about last week because of some strategic handholding. However the Oakley situation resolves itself — if you ask us, he should be freed — Dolan has somehow sunk even lower than his already battled reputation as one of the most disruptive owners in sports.

Celebrities speak their minds at the Grammys

Alma Approved

The Grammys is the most recent award show to dazzle and entertain music fans across the country, but this year the show was also used as a platform for celebrities to express opinions about this political age. Some people may argue that the Grammys is more about music, and politics should be left at home. But it’s good that celebrities who can reach a large amount of people use that platform to discuss real societal issues. If they use their influence to offer up a call to action to their fans and remind them to not sit idly by while political uncertainty washes over this country, then why not use the Grammys as the perfect opportunity to do that?  Free speech is a right that not everyone around the world gets to enjoy, and if award-winning celebrities want to use that right to reach people, we say that’s commendable.

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